STEWIL was created by Mr Stefano Wilfinger in 1975. From a family tradition, the company STEWIL develops a business of Manufacturer of women's clothing with a major manufacturer specialization recognized among its customers.

His business today is not only with clients institutional Correspondence Sales, Ready-to-Wear brand but also a major wholesaler in the French and European clothing sector.

The company STEWIL has more than 40 years of existence and know-how, its ability to innovate and reactivities are recognized among its many customers, thanks to its three workshops centralized on the same space. The company manages model design, cutting, production, packaging and shipping of finished products.

Our Workshops

The style office

Questions ? Cravings ? Discover at Stewil a stylish office and a passionate team, dedicated to the creation of your collection.

The production workshop

Stewil has two cutting tables and professional craftsmen who want the right manufacturing process

The shipping workshop

Packaging is done internally for better quality control before shipping.

The spirit Stewil

French manufacture

Stewil products are made in France with an entirely local production process in France

Recognized know-how

41 years of know-how, expert in the manufacture of loose garments cut stitched mesh chain and weft: dress, skirt, top and blouse. Since 1975, many brands trust Stewil from season to season.

The expedition workshop

Very short deadlines, long term, or actuas, restocking, small quantities or large volumes ... Flexibility, responsiveness, flexibility are our strengths, trust the professionalism of Stewil.