Founded in Paris by Italian visionary and entrepreneur Stefano Wilfinger in 1974 , the company STEWIL is at the origin of new models of dresses, including the cuts and the functionality have dressed a whole generation of large women during more than 40 years via the distance selling.

Today, 2018 , we create STEWIL PARIS , in order to be closer to them, at the height of their fashion desires. Whatever their size, we know them, we understand them and we love them. We want to enhance them, reveal their beauty in complete freedom.

We allow them to be themselves everyday, spontaneously, with allure, simply chic.

STEWIL PARIS is the fashion designer of strong women.

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The brand designs and manufactures with quality and attention to detail contemporary ready-to-wear collections, elegant and Parisian.

It allows women in large sizes to find echoes of their lifestyle and their desire for fashion at all times: professional, weekend, leisure, parties.

The workshop promises women to make them beautiful, in harmony with their identity, confident, enjoying themselves every day through a new wardrobe rewarding.

STEWIL PARIS aspires to become the favorite brand of women's sizes, which values them with style throughout their lives as women, in all circumstances: day, night, ceremony.

She wants to listen to them, facilitating their daily life and trustworthy, in this sense, STEWIL PARIS is a friendly brand and close to women.

Demanding: in product quality, on professional reliability towards suppliers and customers, but also on daily responsiveness.

Human: generous, transgenerational, open to sharing and diversity.

Result of the know-how: made in France (dominant), local, artisanal.